Company Profile

Company Profile

Zibai, headquartered in Guangzhou, China, has devoted itself to satisfyingthe needs of clothing brands around the world for trademark accessories since its inception. We provide hang tags, injection moldedpullers,braidedlabels, embroidery labels, woven marks, printed marks, articles created with heat transfer printing andhot stamping, and other clothing accessories as well as packaging solutions.

  • The development course

    Since our inception in 1998, our goal has beennot only to expandinternational business while being based in China, but also to provide an increasingly wider rangeof comprehensive one-stop servicesrapidly delivered toglobal clothing manufacturers.

  • The company vision

    Creating one-stop services

    Partnering with clothing brands

    Taking lead of theindustry’s development

    Achieving win-win coexistence

  • Technical team

    Our team has rich experience in providing solutions from concept development to product design realization. To ensure incorporation of customers’ideasinto the production process and final products, we always develop a comprehensive understanding of their brand culture.